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Where will you travel in 2023?

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Hi everyone. I really hope you all had nice Christmases. I know there were so many bugs going around beforehand, so I hope you all managed to get through it well, and your little people brought the magic That’s what it‘s all about isn’t it - well that and the copious amounts of wine, cheese and Christmas cake! I’m off for a guilt run today!

So as we’re only a few days away from 2023 I thought I’d make sure you all know that the classes are now on sale and ready to book. As always the first chunk is 6 weeks long, starting week commencing 9 January, in all the usual places. You have total flexibility of booking. So you can book all 6 (or any 6 anywhere) and get a discount worth a free class, which will be added at the checkout online. Or you can book up individual classes in advance that you know you can make, or you can wait until nearer each class and pay as you go, but you’ll be taking the chance that the class might already be full at that stage.

All classes are listed here to book However if you don’t like to use this system just drop me an email or text and I’ll sort it out for you away from the tech!

Don’t forget that the Tuesday 2.45pm class at Cub & Calf in West Kirby is going to be a special GlobeBabies class from the New Year (along with our existing 2.45 at Calm on Wednesday). So open to newborns/pre walkers. In these classes we still travel the world as usual, but the vibe is much more chilled and static meaning your little one can relax in the middle and you can make new friends and compare tired eyes with other Mums & Dads!

GlobeBopperrs turns 8 in Spring too, which means a few things. One of those is that I must be getting old haha! But also that I’ve seen everything - no situation is too much trouble, so please never feel like you won’t be welcome or that your baby isn’t doing the same as everyone else’s baby. Trust me, there is no normal, and each day will always be different, but I’ll try and make it relaxed, friendly and fun.

I‘m really look forward to seeing old faces and new this term. Please keep GlobeBoppers, a small independent business thriving. Share these posts, comment, spread the word to friends with new babies and please keep it real - trust me every booking that comes through makes me happy, feeds my family, and makes me so grateful to have a job that’s creative and fun.

Happy New Year to you all, for when it comes, and however your festive period has turned out, it’s all over for another year at least! Right off for that run…..

Jo xxx

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