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2022 Summer ‘Boppin

How is it nearly the summer holidays already?

I know for those of you with babies and children not of a school age this is completely irrelevant! However as I now have to manage childcare through the holidays I have to adjust how I run the classes through the summer holidays which start around the 22 July for 6 weeks.

So I’m going to be running 4 days of classes alternating between Wednesday morning and Tuesday afternoon. The details of the all the classes, age ranges and venues are listed below. And tickets will go on sale tomorrow (Friday 1 July) at 8pm here

I’ve opened it up for older GlobeBoppers up and including 8 years old and so I’m really hoping this will be a chance for everyone to come back together, remember the fun they had and share it as a family. And those of a school age get to not miss out!

A few things to remember when booking

-If you have more than 1 child then book the class for the eldest child’s age please

-Siblings under 6 months are free (so for example if you have 2 children and 1 is under 6 months you need only book an ‘Adult plus 1’ ticket

-‘Family tickets’ are for adult/s with up to 3 children

-If you are coming as a couple with 1 child you need only book an ‘Adult plus 1 child’ ticket (Adults are free!)

**And if you book all 4 sessions over summer you will receive a 15% discount!**

I think that’s it. There are still 3 weeks of normal GlobeBopping before then so please do come along as usual, all of these classes are already on sale and waiting for you.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Jo xxxx

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