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Summer term is here…..

Hello everyone,

This is just a real quick update to let you know that the next set of classes that will take us up to the summer holidays are set to go on sale tonight at 8.30 pm - here

Don’t panic too much as you no longer need to book an entire block to be able to attend, as it was during the pandemic. However classes do get booked up at certain venues so if you know you want to be there each week then I would book ahead - you also recieved 6 classes for the price on 5 when you add 6 to your basket. There is always the opportunity to do catch up classes if you miss one, and there will be loads of summer holiday classes to ’mop up any such instances!

I look forward to our sunny summer term, there may even be some new songs in there so don’t miss the opportunity to visit some new part so the world!

Let me know if you have any questions as ever, and keeps an eye out for the new dates which will appear (as if my magic) around 8,30pm tonight xx

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