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Summer Sun Sessions....

How are you all? It's been a while since I've posted an update, so apologies for my neglect! I've been busy doing our face to face classes each week (with plenty of cleaning in between!) and it's been so lovely to be back at it now or a good spell of time. I hope you're all ok and have adjusted and bent as required whilst keeping a smily face most of the time!

This week sees the last week of, hopefully, the last block booked style of classes. I'm going to wait and see how this next phase unfolds but my plan is to bring back the weekly classes from 6 September. I know many will be anxious with changes, including me, so will keep some level of social distancing in place, as well as limiting sharing instruments and each others space, but will slowly return to something a little more like 'old' GlobeBoppers as we approach winter.

However before then, over the summer holidays, I will be holding a week of classes from Tuesday 10 - Friday 13 August. There will be 4 classes a day including baby only, toddler up to 4, and older children up to age 8 classes. This is so that all Globeboppers old and new can come along. I'd also love to meet some new faces, so if you've never tried GlobeBopping maybe this could be your chance to give it a go before we get back to the weekly classes again.

You can book a spot on the Summer Session now at Some sessions have sold out already but there is still availability across most days. Just don't leave it too long. You sill see a pop up with booking tips when you visit the page, please read this carefully before you book so that you book the right type of ticket for you and your family.

Also I'm also hoping to hold an outdoor get together/picnic on Friday 20 August. I've not sorted out a field yet but will get on to this asap and let you know. It will just be a low key meet up, bring anyone, just so we can all sit and have a good old catch up. After all we've all got a lot to catch up after the 18 months we've all had!

And finally if you've loved GlobeBoppers this year and you can't manage a few weeks without hearing those catching songs then I have CDs available at the moment. I'm happy to post these out, so do let me know if you would like to buy one, they are £11 and include a sleeve and word booklet, or you can buy the files to download to your phone or PC/tablet/laptop at

Right I'd better go and get ready for my sessions later today. Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you over summer in from September onwards.

Love from,

GlobeBopper Jo xxx

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