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A new adventure begins....

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

I hope you are all doing ok, the uncertain times we are in are just so hard aren't they.  I personally feel all over the place, and enjoyed a full lockdown much more!  But we must plough on slowly and carefully and try and get our lives back on track.  So a new adventure begins...

With this in mind I will be starting some new face to face classes very soon. At the moment there will just be 2 venues on Wednesday and Friday, but I hope to add to this quite quickly just when I feel comfortable.  So details of new class times and booking process are below.  I am currently working on my guidelines and new trip format to make sure we are Covid safe.  This will involve a few venue rules to follow, and all your GlobeBopping will be done in separate areas away from each other with your own set of props - a bonus if your little one doesn't like sharing!  Of course some destinations we visit won't have quite the same impact but I hope I can still create something special for you and your little ones, until we can revert back to our old trips!  Classes will be reduced to 30 mins to allow for maximum number of groups and time to clean in between - but we'll still fit the same number of songs as there are few travellers aboard!  At this time I will only be able to offer block bookings in order to try and create little bubbles for track and trace, so no drop in style again until things are a little less risky.  I'm trying to limit the financial increases that all the changes are making but classes will have to go up by a pound to £7.

All being well new class times as follows:

6 weeks staring Wednesday 30 September (not including 28 October)

Calm @ Church Farm

8 spaces available at each class below

1pm- GlobeBabies babies/pre walkers

2pm- Toddlers/Mixed (babies welcome)

3pm- GlobeBabies babies/pre walkers

£42 per parent and child/ren for 6 week block

6 weeks from Friday 2 October (not including 30 October)

The Farmers Arms, Frankby

5 spaces available at each class below

10am- Toddlers/Mixed (babies welcome)

11am- Toddlers/Mixed (babies welcome)

£42 per parent and child/ren for 6 week.block

I'm hoping to sell these blocks on my website if I can work out how to do it!  The website  And I'm planning on putting them on sale on Sunday 20 September at 9pm.  But I will put a reminder out about this too!

Once you've purchased a block you will be sent a confirmation email with the venue and class guidelines.  But please just drop me a message if you have any questions or worries.  It's new to us all so we'll help each other through it!

I have no idea how much interest there will be, it could go either way!  So apologies if it's busy and you're disappointed this time but a new block will start again on Wed 18 and Fri 20 Nov (out last before Christmas!) with hopefully a few more classes added.

Wow what a long grown up update!  I think I need to go for a lie down now. Here's a funny picture of my kids posing on the beach during lockdown to lighten the mood!  Keep smiling gang.....

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