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Winter Term at GlobeBoppers

Hello there GlobeBoppers. Sorry it's been a while since I updated the blog. Life seems so fast and busy again doesn't it? As you may know I took a week off from it all to go on holiday last week - to sunny Greece. I'm so glad we did as I feel like I've broken that weird chain of coming out of lockdown but still feeling trapped in the old routines. I guess we all need to carry on being mindful of spreading germs to those more vulnerable than us, but I do feel like life is starting to return to it's more colourful self. Long may it continue.

With that in mind I thought I would updated you on what's to come in the next winter term, the last term of 2021, at GlobeBoppers. Classes will continue to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings as previously, and all details about venues and times can be found in the When & Where page of my website You no longer need to do block bookings. But if you prefer you can still book up a number of classes all in one go, or even a whole term and receive a free class when you book 6 together. All the classes from now until Christmas are already open, so don't leave it too long if you don't want to miss out. All the bookings can be made over at BookWhen - the link is . Thanks to those of your who have already booked, I am so grateful to have your continued business.

Classes will still be nice and spaced out again this term, but I am hoping to get back to a shared Northern Lights viewing in Iceland soon. The new super den is already under construction. We'll also be heading over to Nepal to climb Mount Everest again this term, so get practising your climbing fingers. And we will be dropping in on China to get practising or the Chinese new year, early in 2022. A date for your diaries too is week commencing the 13 December which will be our special Christmassy week. Dressing up is essential, we'll have a Christmassy story, a quick trip round the world, and then c me and be an Elf with me and drive Santa's sleigh ride to Lapland, where you may receive a little treat, and have a snowball flight in the snow. And finally, if you know someone that would like a special GlobeBoppers gift for Christmas, have CDs with all the up to date music on complete with song book, or maybe you could purchase a personalised GlobeBoppers ticket round the world for a class or set of classes for a friend with a baby or toddler, or even one on the way in 2022. Just let me know and I'll get them posted out to you in plenty of time. Hope to see you all very soon this winter (and we get some nice cold crisp weather rather than this rain!), let me know if you have any questions, love for now from,

GlobeBopper Jo xx

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