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The sun will rise again!

Hi everyone. A little August update for you...

Just this week there have been a few groups advertising the return of their classes this week, and I've had a few enquiries wondering when GlobeBoppers will be back up and running again.

I have every attention of getting going again in Autumn when everything feels right. The bigger picture of this for me, as an independent business owner and working Mum of 2, is that things may take a little time to get right. I have to do venue meetings and planning, prop re-sorting and planning for changes we will need to make, and re-arranging childcare in a very uncertain world. This is a challenge for me at the moment whilst I am looking after 2 little ones for solid days to make sure my husband can keep working to support us. But rest assured I am spending as much time as is humanly possible planning for our return. The restarting of school will free up much more time for me to conclude my plans and also to see what affect mixing on this scale in the community has on our children, which I'd like to see before I finalise plans to return.

Classes will be small, so small that it won't be financially viable to start with, so I am thinking of ways in which I can design the new timetable to maximise this, whilst also keeping everyone safe and comfortable. Luckily the way in which I already operate the classes means there won't be massive changes, but we may have to lose some props I can't clean in between classes, and stop huddling together in Iceland!

If you would like to be kept up to date with when I'm ready to accept bookings for Autumn then please make sure you have liked this Facebook page or sign up on my new website to subscribe to the weekly mailing list (it's half way down home page)

The last thing I want to do is whip up a storm of frantic bookings and anxiety about 'getting in' so please don't panic, just chill for now, we'll all get GlobeBopping again soon!

In the meantime (and beyond) my 'Live at Home' Friday class at 10am is still going strong. If you'd like to come along this week, or get a shout out for a later watch then please add yourself to the private group where the class will be streamed here :

I also just wanted to say thanks at this point for all the lovely lockdown memories. Amongst all the other jobs I have I am in the middle of creating a little montage of all the images and videos you sent me during lockdown so we can look back on this weird time that none of us will ever forget!

Rise again guys. Go safe, wash you hands, and think of each other. Jo xxx

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