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The new world awakes...

Hi everyone,

Well what a difference Spring has bought us here in the UK. New/old experiences, new hope and GlobeBoppers is back! The blossom everywhere just makes this new beginning feel like a genuine step forward to life as we knew it.

You may be reading this as someone who has never been to GlobeBoppers before, and wondering what it's all about and how you get to do it! If that's the case, I'm sorry it's all so confusing. Historically and ideally GlobeBoppers is a pay as you go weekly class, with no need to book. As soon as it's safe and sensible to operate this way I will go back to this. In the meantime I'm working in 5 or 6 weeks blocks, that are bookable on this website. If you'd like to subscribe to my mailing list you can do so by scrolling down on the homepage to the subscribe section. When blocks are due to go on sale I will give you plenty of warning on email, and via social media.

The current list of classes is below - and all places are fully book now until 28 May. The new block will start w/c 7 June and will go on sale mid May, all being well.

Class days, locations and times. All classes are mixed in age apart from the ones bracketed below as baby only for pre-walkers.


Cub & Calf in West Kirby




Calm at Church Farm

1pm (baby only)


3pm (baby only)


Greasby Community Centre, moving to Newton Village Hall mid May



If you'd like to find out more about what happens at GlobeBoppers classes in general you can read about that here. Obviously we can't huddle together at the moment so no props are shared at the mo and we are all spaced out. But again hopefully over the coming months we can return to something a little more like normal,

Thanks for all the support from those who've been in the past or are GlobeBopping at the moment, it's so good to be back.

Please do drop me a message or give me a ring if you'd like any more information. And I hope to see you all soon. Jo x

Japan in springtime.....

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