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Summer term starts 7 June

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? I hope you’ve been having a good Spring, and a enjoyed the long long weekend Jubillee celebrations. Apparently summer is now here! although the weather hasn’t exactly been keeping up has it!

Anyway tomorrow (Tuesday 7 June) marks the start of my return to the summer term, all the classes are already listed online to buy at And there is still time to pop all 6 weeks classes (in any venue or time of your choices, which can chance from week to week) in to your basket and get a discount of 1 free class. Or if you prefer you can go pay as you go, or even just book the weeks that you know you can make now. Back at Cub & Calf first tomorrow afternoon at 1.30 or 2.45.

I know money is tight at the moment and not everyone can afford to go on holiday this summer, so I hope this term I can bring you some happy travels without the travel hassle and massive expense! I thought we’d start the week off with a trip to Hawaii and Jamaica! So hope aboard the GlobeBopper round the world trip and leave the rest to me!

Also….and unrelated to GlobeBoppers some of you already know, but I am attempting to run the London Marathon, which this year is on the 2 October, only 17 weeks away. My training started in January when I could only manage to jog for 30 seconds, and I’m now up to 10 miles. Still a long way off the 26.2 but I will get there, and I won’t let you down! I’m running to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis trust This charity is close to my heart as my husband suffers with CF (as well as few special GlobeBoppers over the years) and the trust offers such great support for everyone effected by this horrible disease. If you can spare even £1 i would really appreciate it. You can donate here I have a target of £2500 to raise, they may not let me run I don’t get there so!!! And look out for a special fundraising week at GlobeBoppers towards the end of July.

Right I have a little girl trying to force a skipping rope in to my hand as I type so I better go! Look forward to seeing you somewhere soon, happy travels,


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