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Summer Summer Summer time.....

Happy Summer to you all,

As there are a few things going on at the moment I thought it would be a good idea to do a little update in one place! So here we go....

I do hope you're all having a nice summer and Covid is leaving you well alone. We've had a lovely family camping holiday in Devon already, we totally lucked out on the weather, it was beautiful, and the sea down near Salcombe was easily as good as our French holidays in previous years.

Here we are 'doing our sunset'. We let the kids stay up late and watch the sun set in to the sea on the beach, hopefully making some memories that will stick, as my Mum and Dad did with me in Cornwall back in the 80s (the inspiration for the sunset song!).

It was certainly relaxing if nothing else, so make sure you try and do it before the older kids are back in school and we're all back in a tight routine again.

My Summer Sessions take place next week. If you didn't already know I'm doing 4 days of classes from Tuesday 10 - Friday 13 August. Classes are aimed at different ages and I'm including an older age group for 4-7s so they can get back to bopping if they've had to leave for school, or come along with younger siblings. We will be taking a 45 minute round the world trip as usual, with the focus being very much on holiday happy times, ending with a chill under a lovely sunset and hopefully, if my sewing skills are up to it, a giant sunset to lie underneath! If you've not yet booked there are a few places left and you can check locations and times and get booked on here

And that's not it....on Thursday the 20 August we'll be holding another GlobeBoppers Summer Picnic. This time we'll be meeting in Queen's Park in Hoylake. Bring a blanket, some nibbles and some shade and we can all have a good old chin wag whilst the kids have a play.

I've invited along Hayley from Hayley Carter Photography. She's a brilliant classy photographer, you may have seen her brilliant family doorstep snaps during lockdown. She has kindly said she'll come along and set up a little outdoor studio to take some pics with your mini travellers that you can later purchase if you like. And GlobeBopper friend Kate from Kates Little Bookshop will also be there with a few of her gorgeous Usbourne books if you're after any gifts, or things to keep little ones amused during the holidays.

Look forward to catching up with some old and new faces there. Oh and optional round the world dressing up is, well, optional!

Finally I wanted to let you know my plan for future classes. I'm going to set up a little booking system for classes from September onwards. I'd like to move back to something a bit more weekly, rather than termly. I don't think we are quite ready for drop in style again yet, but I'm going to set up a system online where you can book in for either a whole term if you like being organised, or individual days, which will hopefully lead to some weekly availability I can advertise each weekend, like I used to. I'm still going to limit numbers and keep adults distanced, but would like to try and get back to a circular set up with the activity in the middle, so the children and babies and get back to some socialising (fighting!) again. You never know our friend Colin may soon be back! Oh the joys of learning to share, how we've missed you.

Right is that everything? Yes I think so, no more time to type. To set the scene here I've got Love Monster on in the background, which isn't at all keeping a potty training ratty 2 year old occupied, typing this sat next to a melting, homemade lolly, whilst my big boy is probably watching something unsuitable on YouTube. All this after they've literally just fleeced me for £20 worth of crap toys from Home and Bargain to keep them quiet! The joys of the summer holidays.

Anyway it's all good fun, and hopefully I'll see you at some point over summer or early Autumn,

Lots of summer lovin' for now

Jo xx

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