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Here we go again....

Morning all,

Well this isn't the Sunday I was expecting. Although to be honest, as much of a pain as it all is for us, I guess it's the right thing to be doing and will hopefully mean we can have a little bit more Christmas magic than we otherwise would be able to.

So if you're already booked on to one of my Face to Face sessions you will have been sent an email this morning telling you what is happening with the remaining classes in the first block and details of the next block.

As planned any remaining places left for the next block will still go on sale tonight at 9pm. There aren't very many left but still a few. The only difference will be the dates. So the new blocks will start as follows (hopefully!):

Tuesday Greasby Community Centre 1.30 - Dec 8 and 15 and January 5 and 12

Wednesday Calm 1, 2 and 3pm - Dec 9 and 16 and January 6 and 13

Friday (Farmers/Greasby Comm Cen) 10 and 11am - Dec 11 and 18 and Jan 8 and 15

As well as this, throughout November when we're all locked in I will be offering a £10 Facebook Live at Home option. This will give you unlimited access for the month to the private Facebook group where 1 or 2 new live classes will be streamed each week. I will ask before each session who's watching so I can still make these personal and try and say hello, through the screen, to everyone watching. And by the way if you're struggling financially because of the new lockdown please let me know and I'm happy to add you to the group with no charge.

I do hope this all makes sense. If any of this doesn't seem fair, or you're worried about paying for something you've already committed to please please get in touch. It's so hard to get it right for everyone, keep my business going, and keep having fun but I'm confident we will get there, we can't let it win!

And ONE DAY we are having the biggest outdoor celebration picnic (with bubbles) to celebrate the end of this wretched virus!

Enjoy your Sundays, chin up and keep being careful

Jo xxxxx

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