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Happy New 2021...

......well ok maybe not so happy, but it's here, there's no stopping it, and we can only hope it's better than 2020.

So I thought I'd better send you an update on my plans for next week. As you have no doubt seen on the news things are very uncertain heading in to 2021. I was about to re start a block of classes, of which we have 2 weeks left, on Tuesday. However I have just emailed everyone booked on to tell them that I have made a decision to postpone it, and just see how things pan out next week. I don't feel like encouraging people to congregate at the moment, especially if they are mixing tiers too and I have a strong suspicion all of the Wirral may be in tier 4 by Wednesday, with the possibility of schools being shut too.

So I will next week be offering some Facebook Live sessions as is now the norm in lockdown situations! I will advertise the link for these shortly on Facebook.

And you may have been waiting for me to put another block of classes on sale tomorrow for this New Year. As I have no start date for these classes now I will just hang fire again as I don't want to take people's money if I have no idea when I can deliver the goods!

I hope you can all understand my reason for this plan. As a business owner it's so difficult to make decisions when there are so many factors at play, not to mention personal situations at home in the mix too. So far I've gone with my gut, and at the moment it's shouting out to me that we need to just sit back and keep safe until we have clearer picture of what the immediate future holds.

Sorry to bring you such negative news to start the year. But I'm sending lots of New Year love and New Year hope, and hopefully I'll have a clearer plan as the days go on. Please keep your eyes on the Facebook page and your emails. If you're not already on my email mailing list just drop me a message with you email address and I'll add you on.

I will never take sitting watching the Northern Lights in Iceland together under one den for granted, ever again!

Hopefully see you soon,

Jo xxx

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