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Fingers Crossed

Hello all,

I thought I'd better type up a quick update following the latest Government announcement last week, revealing the new plan to exit lockdown.

As you may know my classes are currently taking place at a much reduced level, over on Facebook Live, each Wednesday at 1030am. Thanks to all attending these regularly. However, if all goes well we will be permitted to start face to face classes again on April 12. And happily this is just what I intend to do!

I am currently in the process of finishing off my 7 year old's last week of homeschooling (hoorah!) and re-enquiring with our venues so we can start to make some new plans for the future.

If you are interested in joining us on a trip around the world in the near future then you will be very welcome, and classes will go on sale on my website in due course. I do have two weeks worth of classes to finish from the block that got interrupted by the last lockdown before Christmas. Thank you to everyone that bought in to that and has waited patiently from them to restart. I know things may have changed for you by now, and I will be in touch on over the next few weeks with details of when classes will restart, days and times. Once we are up to date, a fresh new block will be available to purchase online, and I'm hoping these will start the last week of April, and go on sale in the next two weeks. If you'd like the email alerts then please get in touch with your email address, and I'll add you to the mailing list.

I understand this is a new world we're all rejoining, and it will take time to adjust. Some of you will be new parents that have never attended a baby group, some will be anxious, some will just be happy to be out again. However you're feeling we are all in it together, and I will do my best, whilst adjusting to my own new life, to help and support you all.

Please drop me a message if you any have questions that GlobeBoppers is all about. I look forward to seeing you soon! Fingers crossed.....


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