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Boring class booking details alert....

Firstly welcome to any one who’s reading this blog for the first time. I hope you can get involved in some GlobeBoppers action soon. I’m going to update you on details for how to book on to the latest block and future blocks within this post but I thought I’d start with a little general information for those of you who have never been to GlobeBoppers before.

So GlobeBoppers is my own little business. I started if when my now near 7 year old was 12months and I was due back to work. I always loved music and travel and after spending 12 months with my 1st baby thought I’d like to have a go at creating a new type of baby group with these things in mind. As well as creating a laid back more quirky group I wanted to hold them in venues that traditionally wouldn’t have help baby groups. So pubs, cafes and places where there were facilities for parents to chill after an before and make a day of it! I also wanted to do away with the block booking, over commitment thing. I’m not very good at routine with kids and like to freestyle a bit so it was important to me to keep it casual and joinable if you fancy and not if you can’t!

Anyway that’s pretty much how it worked for 5 years, and then CORONAVIRUS hit! And I’ve had to strip it right back, meaning lots of these original goals have been compromised. Venues, how we use the props, how long the classes are and how attendance is managed. However with the help of you guys the last 4 weeks have still been fun, still been invaluable in terms of getting out the house and just forgetting and making some important memories with our children. Yes we will get past this eventually but we’ll never be able to buy these months back so I’m glad you can still get our there and enjoy yourselves.

As it stands we are about to start week 5 of a 6 week block, which means the next block is on the horizon. I’ve decided that I’m going to give everyone the chance to do 2 consecutive blocks if they would like to. I know this may seem unfair to those of you not booked on this time, but I think 6 weeks isn’t long enough to feel like you’ve become part of the GlobeBopper community but by 12 weeks you will. So tonight the priory re-booking window will open on my website for the next block, and everyone that’s already coming at the moment has been sent details of how they can rebook.

Then on Sunday 1 Nov at 9pm any places that are still available will be put on general sale. Again on the shop page of my website . These blocks start week commencing 16 Nov and will run for 4 weeks (not the Tuesday class starts a week later). And then we will have a break for Christmas.

The first New Year block will be 6 weeks and will start w/c 5 Jan for 6 weeks until until the school February half term. The spaces for this block will be put on sale on Sunday 20 December and there’s likely to be lots more availability for this block, so if you lose out this time don’t despair!

I hope this all makes sense, I’m sorry to be such a bore with all these rules and guidelines but I know you all get it and I’m just glad we can carry on in some way for now.

Finally a reminder of the current class times and venues is here

Tuesday at 1.30pm - Greasby Community Centre

Wednesday at 1 - Calm at Church Farm*

Wednesday at 2 - Calm at Church Farm

Wednesday at 3 - Calm at Church Farm*

Friday at 10am - Greasby Community Centre

Friday at 11am - Greasby Community Centre

(Formerly Farmers Arms/class may change venue but will be kept nearby!)

So I think that’s everything. If you do manage to book on on Sunday then I will send you an email with all the guidelines and class information. But if you have any worries or questions or just don’t get it then let me know! You can call if easier on 07867 515252.

Thanks guys and Happy Halloween for Saturday

Jo xxxx

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