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Autumn plans!

Hello guys,

Well I've been trying to find a few minutes to sit and write a post about my plans for the Autumn term and beyond, but having two little ones at home all summer has kind of got in the way. Anyway, I do hope you all had good summers and for those without school age children, I hope you managed to find some fun things to do during the chaos.

So the new Autumn term will start on Tuesday 14 September and contain 6 weeks. Classes will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays as previously, and all details about venues and times can be found in the When & Where page of this site.

I will no longer be operating in block bookings - yay! But I have enjoyed a booking process and being a bit more organised. So to allow maximum flexibility classes will now be bookable on a weekly, termly or random basis. Just hope on to the booking pages by clicking any of the 'Book Now' buttons and it will take you to the booking pages. If you book all 6 classes in the term a discount will be applied which equates to a full class free!


es will still be nice and spaced out, and we won't be visiting Iceland together just yet, but during the transition phase I will be adjusting things until we are back to somewhere near pre-Covid Boppers! Thanks for your ongoing patience.

Finally the booking pages will open on Friday 3 September at 10pm - don't worry there will be loads of availability I'm sure so don't stay up late if you need sleep!

Hope to see you all very soon, love for now

Jo x

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