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A little October update...

I’m sorry I've been a little quiet with the updates lately.  The routine of block booked classes, additional cleaning and prop prep, and general worry about what's coming next seems to be taking up all my time and I've not had a chance to uodate you.   I hope you are all navigating through this weird year ok, and I still miss seeing you all cuddled together listening to stories and not sharing the crocodile!   Anyway details are below of my current plan for the rest of 2020.

I'm also conscious that I've not managed to find time to do a Live at Home class.  Finding care for Ramona with all the restrictions and elderly Grandparents, whilst I'm doing it, has got really tricky as my husband is already having to step in to do a bit in the week for the Face to Face classes.   I might try and do one with her around later this week!  That'll be fun/chaos.

Thank you to everyone that managed to book on this current block, which we are now in to week 4 of out  of 6.  We are all off next week for half term and the 2 (3 for Tuesday Greasby) remaining classes of this block will carry on after.

My plan is then to hold a small 4 week block up until Christmas (if we are still allowed to), I may try and add a couple of additional classes too as I know there is so little about at the mo.  My plan is to allow the current attendees a little priority window before they go on general sale, to rebook for the last block of 2020.  I thought, a bit like the USA presidency, I would give everyone the chance to book 2 consecutive blocks and then open up to general sale.  So the longest session you can have is about 12 weeks, which feels about right to get to know you properly! On sale dates will be as follows:

4 week block starting w/c 16 Nov (23 Nov Tue Greasby)

Thu 29 Oct Priority window opens for current attendees to re-book

Sunday 1 Nov - Class spaces remaining go on sale

6 week block w/c 11 January

Open for all to book `Sunday 20 December

Don't worry about remembering all of these dates,  I will update you before each one.

I hope that seems fair and makes sense, I know none of the groups available are going to be enough to cover the demand and I'm really sorry about that.  But I will try and get the Live at Home sessions back up and running in a more formal way so that you can get involved that way if you'd like to (and it'll be a much cheaper option!).

Right I better go as I'm just prepping for my Greasby afternoon class while Ramona has a nap (ahhh the life of a parent hey!).

Sending lots of mask wearing love, and let me know how you are if I've not seen you!  I love getting update photos of my Globeboppers.

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