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Blog post from January 2020 - A New Year

Happy New Year everybody.

I hope you all had a wonderful festive season, a bit more chill out time than usual, and plenty of nice food & drink!  I know I did, my trousers won't fasten! My little girl Ramona also turned one a few days ago, so it's been partying all the way.  Thankfully things are finally returning to normal and thoughts of the GlobeBopping year ahead are buzzing around.

Classes will resume on Tuesday (7th Jan).  As you may have seen Bolly Bon Bons has sadly vacated a now very sad looking Mothercare in Bromborough so I'm afraid we won't be returning there as I had hoped this year.  Hollie is still looking for new premises and I know you'll all keep a close eye on that.  I do though have a new venue for Tuesday (I think!) just a few things to firm up on, so because of this and few issues with my Tuesday childcare in January I will just be running the Real Food Kitchen, Neston only for a couple if weeks. The rest of the week will be same as it was before New Year for the time being - there are few venue things in the pipeline!

I know I have talked about returning to classes on a Thursday, and this will happen at some point in 2020 but I still feel like a need 2 days with Ramona whilst she's so little, and also to try and  get a bit of work life balance.  I'm not afraid to say in your company that I've found the sheer workload of managing 2 children, the house duties and running my own business really challenging, and I'm not great when things get on top of me, so for the sake of my own sanity, and chilled GlobeBopping, I'm going to keep on with the 3 days for now and once life starts to slow down again and I feel a bit more in control we'll revisit it.

I look forward to catching up with you this year - in the meantime get those Christmas decorations down and embrace the year to come!

Blog post from 4 September 2019

I know you’ve all been waiting for the new timetable and I'm sorry it’s been slow coming.  It seems to have taken me an age to confirm everything what with new venues, new class times, childcare provision, school runs etc.  But I am very nearly there, I promise, and will be back next week.

I was hoping to be back to a full set of classes next week but due to a few things including the Tour of Britain cycling event coming though on Wednesday there will only be classes on Tuesday and Friday, and then the following week, there will be no stopping me!


Also whilst we were away on holiday I started thinking about being away from Ramona for 4 days a week and I feel like she’s just still so young and so I’m going to add in the fourth day, Thursday (when I think i’ll be based Chester way), when I feel ready, around November time I think.  This way I’ll ease back in, and build up slowly instead of being a complete stress head and not enjoying anything!  Big apologies to those of you that are only free on Thursdays.


I’m excited to announce that we will be holding classes in a few new venues.  Bolly Bon Bons, the lovely new cafe in Mothercare in Bromboruogh, The Real Food Kitchen in Neston, and the beautiful yoga studio Calm @ Church Farm - all clean modern friendly and relaxed places.   I’ll be profiling each venue on the Facebook page next week, so look out for that.  Sadly we’ll be waving goodbye to our friends at The Jug and Bottle and Red Fox, which is know is really sad.  I’ve loved our time there and thank them so much of all their help, but with only the option to run one class per day, it doesn’t maximise my already busy day, and means that I can’t also relieve pressure easily on busy groups.  And we’ll be back at our favourites the White Owl and The Viking as before.  Hopefully the new timetable will mean that I can add on classes where i need to, without the need for too much moving around in between and therefore time wasting.  After all, there are only so many times you can ram a giant crocodile in the back of a car in one day!


Also just on Wednesday next week (11th) The Tour of Britain cycling event is passing through West Wirral from lunchtime awards I have no idea how much it will affect the traffic but the White Owl aren’t sure they will even open, and Telegraph Road by Church Farm will definitely be closed in the afternoon just as my classes are due to start at Calm, so I think starting Wednesdays as of the 18th is the most sensible idea.


Anyway enough from me.  Here is the reduced timetable for next week, and I’ll be publishing the Facebook events tonight, so if you’d like to come please sign up there, or drop me a message reply here.


Tuesday 10 September

Bolly Bon Bons in Mothercare Bromborough

1000 - 1030 - Baby only class (pre-walkers)

1100 - 1145 - Mixed class (all pre-school ages welcome)


Friday 13 September

The Viking pub, West Kirby

1000-1100 -Mixed class (all pre-school ages welcome)

1100-1200 -Mixed class (all pre-school ages welcome)

And I’m hoping this will be the new look full timetable which will commence Tuesday 17 September onwards.






















All classes will still be pay as you go.  I will just ask that on a weekly basis you let me know you want to come (events will be published on Facebook on Sundays, and via email Sunday too).  Mixed groups are 45 minutes and £6, and the baby only group is 30 mins and £5.  Please leave a bit of time before and after for chatting!  We like to do this at GlobeBoppers, so the classes are never bang on the timings above, although the music will definitely last that long!


I can’t wait to get back in to our new routine, and sorry again it’s taken me so long to get here.  Having two little people in the house is wonderful and has taken over my home life in a good way, but has left me with so little time for work (professional and house) that it’s just made me a bit slower than usual!  I don’t suppose anyone would blame me for making the most of these special early months - especially when I’m actually enjoying this time around, but I do feel guilty.


Hope to see some lovely faces next week guys, and thereafter.  Spread the GlobeBopper word, explore, have fun and be kind.


All my love

Jo xxxx