GlobeBoppers is a baby and toddler music group, based on the Wirral.


Our main aim is to offer a laid back and fun 40 min music session for babies and toddlers and their carers. 


Throughout the group we go on a journey around the world, learning about cultures and music, whilst singing, moving, playing instruments or just laying back and taking it all in, depending on your age! In the middle of each class is a short story, to give carers of younger babies a chance to feed and change nappies without missing out.




Our lovely GlobeBopper venues have been chosen because they are places that offer a more laid back, sociable environment. Why not turn up a bit earlier, or stay a little longer, grab a drink and a bite to eat and have fun too. We welcome groups, or individuals, mums, dads, grandparents and childminders, and very much encourage chatting to one another and sharing tips and advice about how to look after our little monkeys!


We look forward to meeting you at a group soon, don't be shy, drop by and say hello, there are no rules, or things you can do wrong, so get GlobeBopping!


Find out more about GlobeBopper groups near you, or get in touch if you have any questions.


GlobeBoppers' songs are original, and written especially for GlobeBoppers. They are catchy, and easy to sing, and written in a key suitable for the little ones to pitch, teaching them how to sing whilst they having fun and learn about the world.


07867 515252


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