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Baby & Toddler Global Musical Adventures


About GlobeBoppers

GlobeBoppers is a Wirral-based baby and toddler music group, all about world travel.

Our aim is to offer laid back and fun music sessions for babies and toddlers with their carers on a  weekly pay as you go basis. 

Throughout the group we go on a journey around the world, learning about cultures and music, whilst singing, moving, playing instruments or just laying back and taking it all in, depending on your age! 

I look forward to meeting you at a group soon, don't be shy, drop by and say hello, there are no rules, or things you can do wrong, so get GlobeBopping!

Our Classes

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1330 The Real Food Kitchen, Neston


1000 Health & Happiness Hub, Frankby

1330 Calm @ Church Farm Thurstaston

1500 Calm @ Church Farm Thurstaston


1000 The Farmers Arms, Frankby
1100 The Farmers Arms, Frankby

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Helpful Information

What age is GlobeBoppers for?

Classes have been designed with babies and toddlers interests in mind.  Every child is different, and I'm relaxed with all ages attending the same class from newborn and pre-schoolers, and they all seem to enjoy it!

However I also offer separate GlobeBabies sessions. These groups are designed for babies before then can walk only, so they (and you!) can relax and take everything in at your own pace.

Please bear in mind that as the carer it's your responsibility to make sure everyone else at the class can enjoy themselves too.

What type of class if GlobeBoppers?

It's a music group, but also includes movements, instrument playing and sensory experiences. It's not meant to be traditionally educational, however we'll be introducing your little ones to the world, countries and different cultures. And at the same time giving them the opportunity to express themselves through music.

How much does it cost?

Classes are £6 per child per session (£5 for GlobeBabies), with additional siblings charged at £3 (free if sibling is under 6 months, or a twin). I'm afraid we no longer offer a free trial, as we have plenty of reviews and feedback to use instead.  But if you have a really little one and want to see if they'll enjoy it then Get in Touch and make a booking at one of the classes.

Do I need to book?

No, I don't ask you to make block bookings for GlobeBoppers.  This is essentially a pay-as-you-go class.  However rather than an uncontrollable drop-in style I ask that you let me know you're coming on a weekly basis.  You can do this on Facebook by joining an event, by email, or by call/text to 07867515252.

Please subscribe to the weekly email reminder to keep up to date. 

Do you offer a loyalty scheme?

Yes, we have GlobeBoppers Passports!  Come to 6 classes and collect a stamp in your passport, and we'll give you the 7th class on the house! Collect your loyalty passport on your next visit.

Do you do parties?

Yes we do offer entertainment for children's parties – the same fun as a GlobeBopper session, but with an added arts and crafts element and held in your own home or chosen venue. We can tailor the sessions to fit in with your requirements so Get in touch us today for a chat and a quote.

Do you have a CD of your songs?

Yes, after many requests I decided to record all my GlobeBopper songs on to a CD, with an accompanying word booklet, if you would like to purchase one, or download if from iTunes please Get in touch, or ask me at class near you.


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